Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Sorting out long distance financial stuff

I woke up at 5:30am today and couldn't sleep, so I made a bunch of calls to Ireland, since it was well within the business day in Ireland still.
  • Canceled an Irish credit card (Bank of Ireland) that I haven't used in years.

  • Discussed my Irish taxes with someone from the Revenue Commissioners. Result: Confirmed that I don't actually have to pay them the EUR 0.40 I was assessed as owing because it's less than EUR 1.00 (I was pretty sure this was the case but the notices no longer explicitly say that). Also, "deregistered" such that I don't have to file an Irish tax return unless I start having an income there again -- woot! (Though I do still need to figure out whether there's some minimum threshold of income there below which I don't have to file, in case AIB resumes paying dividends).

  • Updated my mailing address (well, discussed updating my mailing address, wrote, printed, signed, stamped and mailed a letter to update it) for my current account (checking account) with Bank of Ireland. Um, yeah. They had my old address in San Jose and had all mail to me on hold because they'd had some mail (statements) returned.

  • Discussed, with AIB's credit card services, changing my address (from my Mum's to my actual address in the US) for my AIB credit card, but they wouldn't do it for me (boo!) because I didn't have the expiration date of the card, not actually knowing where the card is -- oops. Must find AIB visa card. Hm.
Still, accomplished a lot before work this morning.
Tags: finance, life

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