Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Serenity screenings, August 31st: Chicago, Atlanta!

Any Chicago Browncoats? (aeto?)

The following was posted on whedonesque about a free screening of Serenity in Chicago on August 31st (entire post is quoted here as whedonesque will probably delete it soon):


    Universal has sent me 75 FREE passes (each good for 2 people) to a Serenity screening here in Chicago.

    What: Serenity
    When: Wed, August 31st
    Time: 5 PM
    Where: AMC River East 21
    322 Illinois St.

    The passes are "first come/first seated" type passes - that means that just because you get a pass it DOES NOT guarantee that you will get in to see the movie. It is very possible that Universal is giving out tickets by other means - so the earlier you get there and get in line, the better chance you have of getting in.

    I will plan on getting to the theater by about 1:30 pm so you can claim the passes BUT I am NOT offering to hold a spot in line for you.

    I will hold the passes for you up until 4pm and if you don't show up (or arrange someone else to pick them up for you - I'll be emailing my phone number to those who claim passes) I'm going to give them away. This may sound harsh, but as soon as they let us in, I'm going in and don't want to be holding any passes as it may be difficult for me to get back out to give you your pass, plus it may be too late already as the theater may be full by that time and they will be wasted when they could have been given away...

    With that in mind:
    Using the subject line "Serenity Screening Free Pass" please email me at [ serenity at vampirefan dot com ] with your real name. (No need for groveling or reasons why you deserve a pass.) ONE PASS PER PERSON.

    As soon as all the passes are claimed I will send out an announcement to the group and I will send out a confirmation email to each person who successfully claimed a pass.
I'm sorry to say I don't have any information on the Atlanta one. Sorry irtluhc!
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