Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Chase (bank) customer service huge mess

I should begin this by saying that in the past I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience with Chase credit card services and checking/deposit accounts, so this experience is in stark contrast to my expectations...

I called with odd issue with my Chase on-line account (related to adding an extant but not yet listed card to it) to Chase customer service.

The rep spent a while doing something and talking about two userids (see further below -- I was clear with her about the one I actually use vs. the one that shouldn't really even exist), then said she had to transfer me to another dept. I sat on hold for ages.

During hold time, I tried to log in to my on-line account. It failed with an obscure error (1300).

Eventually rep picks up in "Internet department". I begin explaining. Part way through, I find I've been dropped out to the exit survey. So, now I have no access to my on-line account, I'm worse off than I started, and I just got hung up on.

I call back, tell new rep situation. She says she'll put me through to the Internet department.

Eventually (after yet more hold time) get through to rep who doesn't hang up on me but cannot fix it and says as far as she can see my on-line account was DELETED ...

I'm left with an alternate on-line account which only exists because of the merge with WaMu and which I've never before used with, has a different incomplete subset of my accounts visible, and does not have all of the stuff I've customized in my account over the past 7 years.

Apparently I'm meant to just accept this and use the alternate userid and set everything up again.

No way. Not acceptable. I have the direct # to call for the department tomorrow morning, thence to ask to speak to a supervisor. I expect them to do something about this giant mess.
Tags: argh, finance, life, stupid

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