Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Blue Bottle Coffee - AGLAGLAGL

After feasting on delicious Smitten ice cream and stopping in to Miette on a recommendation of several chefs (no small recommendation, but we have yet to try our yield) across the street, and before stopping in to Fatted Calf Charcuterie (which we just happened to park right outside -- and, well, charcuterie! How could we not stop in?), I dragged my dear wife and daughter on a (very short) pilgrimage to the famed Blue Bottle Coffee just half a block from Smitten.
From left to right: The Blue Bottle Coffee kiosk/storefront on Linden; the Blue Bottle Coffee logo; the artfully crafted beverages I purchased.
I had heard great things about it, but I am not really much of a coffee drinker and when I do drink coffee it's generally with lots of milk and sugar or syrup(s). I wanted to try it in relative purity, however, so ...

I had a macchiato to start with. Served traditional style(?) in an espresso cup. I believe it's just espresso and foam, no milk or anything. It was AMAZING. Like, really, unreservedly delectable. It was served at a temperature that was drinkable for me (really unusual), it hadn't a hint of bitterness, and it was just, well, revelatory. I could drink those ALL DAY.

Then I had (ordered at the same time) a mocha and also tried a little hot chocolate (made with Tcho chocolate) that Lori and Vera shared. The mocha was wonderful. The hot chocolate was *really* good. Overall, though? Macchiato wins! Perhaps just because it was so much better than I expected.

If we had a Blue Bottle Coffee in the building where I work, I'd be climbing up the walls from drinking macchiatos all day long. Oh, and broke.

Heck, I might never sleep again.

From left to right: A series showing my 2-year-old daughter enjoying some Blue Bottle Coffee Tcho hot chocolate and her reactions. =)
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