Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

U-haul Review

We rented a U-haul last Sunday, so we could get some furniture that would not fit into either of our vehicles from Costco to our house. The truck worked fine, was mechanically better than in most U-haul experiences I've come across, but the experience of dealing with the rental was very unpleasant.

They asked for a review. I posted the following.

The truck was covered in scratches, paint chips, dents, etc.

The representative at the location was barely polite, gave us forms and told us they meant something other than what was clearly stated on them, told us to mark up the sheet any way we liked to indicate existing damage (impossible with how much there was and how *tiny* things were apparently an issue since a small selection of tiny chips/scratches out of the hundreds present were marked with stickers) rather than using the annotations explicitly called for on the reverse side of one of the forms.

The clipboard I was given to hold while I waited for her to pull the truck around was emblazoned with a diagram telling me just how much U-haul would stick it to me for even tiny problems. That, combined with the terrible condition of the truck, leads me to think that not paying for the SafeMove damage waiver bore a significant risk of being stuck with the cost of pre-existing damage.

If you are going to threaten significant cost of repair charges for even tiny damages, you need to *actually repair* your trucks so that marking up the documentation with pre-existing damage isn't an impossible task.

We needed the truck, and so given our I think very real concern over being defrauded, we more or less had $14 extorted out of us.
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