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Listening to Nathan Lowell Talking on His Morning Walk on My Morning Walk

I took a day off today (I had to or I would lose vacation (well, stop accruing PTO--I'm around the cap)).

So what did I do? Sleep in? No. I got four hours of sleep and then got up and went for a 2.8 mile walk. :)

What did I do while I walked? Why, I listened to Nathan Lowell talking on his morning walk ... on my morning walk.

Nathan is doing an amazing job of getting out there and walking 2 miles each and every day bar almost none. He's recording a podcast each day while he walks, just talking about what is on his mind that day. If you are a fan of his work, you might find it interesting to listen -- I certainly do -- but if not I don't know how interesting it would be.

I'm trying to get out and walk a bit more. It's still too hot for me to enjoy walking during full daylight hours, but when the sun is just starting to come up is not so bad. I've only managed to do it 3 or 4 times thus far, over the space of a couple of weeks, and most of the time I've only walked about half what I walked today.

Perhaps I shouldn't make Starbucks a waypoint during my walk, but it helps to have a target/motivation/reward, and I think I'm probably healthier for walking 1.5+ miles and getting a Starbucks drink (especially a less candy-bar-in-a-cup-like drink than some I order, such as the simple vanilla latte that I got today) than not going for a walk and abstaining.
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