Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

A festival of technical ludicrosity

Wow. So. Um. 24.
    "I used row-major format instead of column-major format!"
    "Chloe, you know we use column-major format! Row-major format will bring our processors to their knees!"
Oh my. Scary row-major format. It will be our DOOM! *DOOM*, I tell you!!!

For that matter ... I didn't know that 'ls' output had a red ALL CAPS column that said "LOCKED" ... nor that when you type in a secret back-door password (known to CTU agents and which works on any arbitrary Unix-like system), without any particular prompt or window being active, the ls output magically updates to say "ACTIVE" in red caps... and then xv windows pop up all over the place showing pictures of stealth bombers!

But, on the up-side ... one unusually realistic bit: non-load-bearing internal walls don't stop bullets!

I'm not sure why I watch it.

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