Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

I fought the car and ... I won!

My wife's car's passenger side window wouldn't open, and our mechanics determined that it was the window/mirror control switch module (which on a Saturn SC2 is all in the middle by the handbrake). They said to buy the module on-line and they could install it.

So I found a bunch of them for sale on eBay, and bought one. It arrived a few days later. I found out it was trivial to pop the module out and replace it. Everything worked! Yay! Working window controls! :D

Lori looked at her old module and noticed that it looked like it was in fact not a sealed unit but openable.

That was maybe 3 weeks ago. Fast-forward to an hour ago when I finally found a spare moment (one of those where I should be sleeping) and decided I'd open it up and look. I succeeded in popping it apart, only to find out that there was another closed unit. I managed to pop *that* apart (more difficult), and found that there was a PCB under there. That was also clicked in and looked like it could be removed, but it was *damnably* hard to do. I ended up employing 3 screwdrivers and 15 minutes of fretting, but I got the thing out!

... but there were several little pieces of metal floating around in there. OOPS!

I figured out, though, that they were rockers, and I was able to determine how to position them, in what orientation. There were some contacts with some soot/corrosion, and there was a little on the rockers too. I scraped at them with a screwdriver to remove all that, leaving clean, shiny metal!

I popped the thing back together (making sure not to send the rockers flying while reinserting the PCB), with only minor fretting at the final piece which it turned out was harder to put back in that to remove. I popped the eBay-purchased one out of the center console, popped her old one back in, and IT FRICKIN' WORKED!

So, now I have a part I paid $67 for on eBay that I ... don't need any more. I'm thinking I could sell it onward on eBay, perhaps with a "Buy It Now!" price of $40 or something. I'll be happy if we can sell it on for half what I paid for it. All in all, even if we can't sell it on it'll have been a cheap fix. :)
Tags: car, life

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