Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Mavericks Gripes: Solutions, anyone?

I have found two great annoyances with Mavericks (latest OS X release) in the past 2 days:

(1) There is NO. WAY. to get a menu bar item displaying what Space one is on and allowing mouse-wise access to switching between them. While this doesn't matter much for the computer I'm sitting at the keyboard/mouse/trackpad of, it matters a _great deal_ for the computer I'm accessing via Screen Sharing. wtf, Apple? There's *no way* I know of to switch Spaces on a Mavericks box being accessed via Screen Sharing.

I use screen sharing quite a bit to control the other Macs in the house. The big problem is keyboard shortcuts and trackpad gestures don't cut it because they cause one to switch spaces locally, not on the remote machine.

I'm unable (through Google searches) to find anyone else even talking about this let alone offering a solution.

(2) It appears that "Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi" is significantly less likely to work even if the iPhone and Mac are directly on the same Wi-Fi network, and it seems like they may have explicitly stopped "Wi-Fi" sync from working when the Mac is on a _wired_ network which happens to be bridged to the Wi-Fi network the phone is on.

I have been taking advantage of "sync ... over Wi-Fi" actually working in spite of not being on Wi-Fi for a long time now (though admittedly it's been of varying effectiveness, and had got worse lately). That'll kind of hurt, but I was doing something weird and probably not something they ever imagined, so I can cut them some slack on this ... but why the sudden change?
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