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It's been over a month since I last...

...posted to or even read LiveJournal!

It's been a CRAZY month. Dragon*Con in Atlanta followed by Mum and my brother coming to stay for 10 days (in which time we rushed around California like mad, visiting relatives, wine tasting and eating really good food), Browncoats meet-ups, Serenity press screenings, getting to go at the last moment to the honest to ${deity} Red Carpet gorram US Premiere of the Big Damn Movie in Universal City, CA, to the Serenity FanFest at Universal Studios Hollywood, to crazy work stuff, to midnight showings and seeing Serenity 3 times in a 24 hour period, to ...

Well, you get the idea. CRAAAAAAAZY.

I'm not even going to try and pretend that I'll have time to catch up on the past month of LJ posts, so maybe I'll just skip 'em all and see if I can't keep up now.

Well, the Big Damn Movie (Serenity!) is out now. It did a slightly soft opening weekend, but we have to prove now that it "has legs" so we get sequels. The weekend apparently matters much more than mid-week, so if you can go and see it (many times, ideally!) on Friday, Saturday or Sunday, please do! I'd see it a few times except that I'll be working (Browncoat staffing, rather than Con staffing) at SiliCon, promoting the BDM, over the weekend, so I'll only have the opportunity to see it ... maybe once or twice over the weekend (maybe Friday night and/or Sunday night). Really, though, if you can, please go and see it next weekend.

We have to hold the line, stay the course, and make sure the 2nd weekend's figures are close to the opening weekend figures (a 40+% drop would be ... bad; ideally, we'd have <= a 25% drop; ok, ideally we'd have an increase =). If you can't go and see it again (and again, ...) next weekend, talk it up to your friends, your enemies, your colleagues, your hair dresser, your financial advisor, random people at the supermarket, ... Let's make this Big Damn Movie a Big Damn Success, like it deserves to be, people!
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