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It just occurred to me... - Nothing to See Here — LiveJournal

Oct. 4th, 2005

12:23 pm - It just occurred to me...

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It just occurred to me that there IS a use for Guantanamo: Fax spammers! ARGH!

Actually, I'm pretty sure Guantanamo's too nice for them, but they sure as heck need to be sent somewhere that ignores the Geneva Convention. Regular spammers and telemarketters ... kind of also, but Fax spammers annoy the hell out of me even more. For one, e-mail spam doesn't wake me in the middle of the gorram night... and telemarketters don't generally speaking call in the middle of the night either. Oh, and fax spammers don't seem to give a damn about the Federal Do-Not-Call list. The worst thing is, it seems there's absolutely nothing one can do.

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Date:October 4th, 2005 10:43 pm (UTC)
There's plenty that can be done (small claims court, fcc, and more). Actually making the criminals hurt (collections) is what is often the hard part.
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Date:October 4th, 2005 10:57 pm (UTC)
There's plenty that you can try to do, but unless you have a lot of time and money, it's doubtful that you'll get anywhere. They don't care about breaking the law or they wouldn't be doing what they're doing.
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