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So, as I've been totally and utterly off-line from a LiveJournal perspective the last couple of months, I've accumulated a bunch of links to cool/interesting/funny/whatever stuff which I thought "I should post about that", but haven't... Really, I'd say each of these is worthy of a post, and only wasn't because I had no time, so please enjoy!
How cool is this? People (especially media) so often assume that BitTorrent and all the P2P download protocols are evil and must be stopped, but ... dude ... they are not just for illegally downloading things! I download my free Operating System (Fedora Core) using BitTorrent. This whole site is about public domain stuff (just movies, possibly) available via BitTorrent. That's, IMHO, pretty damn great.
"Report: Alarming number of kittens being diagnosed with ADD". Oh no! What can be done? ;)
"Blockbuster Manager calls me an IDIOT and its on my RECEIPT! xD". Classic!
"Cracking safes with thermal imaging". Ooh, geeky, and ... wow, if I ever need a safe, I'll be a little more clued in as to the level of security provided by key-pad-operated safes. Actually, heck, I've used them in hotel rooms. I doubt anybody cares about what I leave in a hotel in-room safe enough to bother, but certainly puts the level of security in perspective.
Answering the age-old question (ok, who am I kidding?), "Can you grow cress in a keyboard?".
Also Mmmmmmmmm ... flash drives! Yummy! Or ... should I say, "Oyishi!"? Yes, only the Japanese could come up with USB tempura shrimp flash drives, siu mai flash drives and ... profiterole flash drives?
Ok, so actually this one's kind of awful. I'm not sure why I'm including it. Hm. Anyhow, apparently this photo was taken by a friend of a colleague. Does nobody ... think before naming products...?
"Geek Parents Using Cooling Technology Instead of Medicine to Lower Fevers". At last, an informative piece of journalism! At last, a way for parents to save on medical costs while keeping their children healthy! At last, ok, it's just funny.
"Emergency Naptime Procedures Implemented". The Hand Puppet Movie Theatre Presents... Serenity. This was posted all over the frickin' place a while ago, but it's worthy of further record. :) Hi-larious!
"Bay Area Games Day". Hmm. Might be interesting to attend (for folks in the SF Bay Area).
"Technical Details on Microsoft Product Activation for Windows XP". If you really have to run Windows, you probably ought to read this.
Actually, better still, just download the video, and maybe download the other, associated video. These are incredible. Amazing. These guys could be world-class stunt men, acrobats, ...
Lastly, to finish up on an amusingly light note... Vint Cerf in a very amusing T-shirt (in case you're not au fait with the world of Internet protocols, Vint Cerf, oft hailed as "the father of the Internet", played a very key rôle in the creation of IP (Internet Protocol -- upon which the Internet is based) and TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol over Internet Protocol).
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