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Battlestar Galactica

O. M. F. G. ... !

BSG is unbelievably fantastically incredibly brilliant.

Other than the fact that there's a back-handed dissing of Lost (another fantastic series), this article on is a really nice analysis of the show. BEWARE: It contains spoilers for the new Season 2 episode, "Resurrection Ship," so please do not read it if you have not seen it. It was one HELL of a powerful episode.

Any thoughts that Tricia Helfer was hired just for her looks are totally dispelled, also. Wow. She is an excellent actress who just happens to also be really ... tall.

BSG is getting to the point of making me almost rank it up there with Firefly. It's close. Really close, frack it.

Ok, so Lost doesn't completely blow my socks off quite as much as BSG, even though I do really love Lost as well (all hail J.J.!).

Wow! I mean, really. Wow!

Ron Moore's come a long way since DS9 (even if I did really like DS9).

It is fracking fantastic.

It is bloody incredible.

It is so powerful!

I really can't wait for the next episode! I would have to say that ... I think Firefly and Battlestar Galactica may be the two best TV series. Ever. Really. I can't think of a counter-example. I mean, I love and have loved many shows. In the past, various trek shows. In the more recent past, Buffy. Even more recently, Wonderfalls. None of them, however, have me gushing as much about how wonderful they are as Firefly and BSG.

Oh, and, well, in case it wasn't obvious ... I'm talking about the new Battlestar Galactica (in particular, the series, not the mini-series, though I would start watching with the mini-series and continue watching from the start of the new TV series). I am most certainly not referring to the 1970's show. :)

P.S. The soundtrack is mind-blowingly good. It is some of the most powerful, emotive music I have ever heard, from any century. I love it.
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