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Battlestar Galactica - Nothing to See Here — LiveJournal

Jan. 8th, 2006

07:11 am - Battlestar Galactica

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Date:January 9th, 2006 08:48 am (UTC)
I will avoid asking you questions I ought not to ask. :) Actually, I don't really need to. I mean, it's fun knowing insider stuff, but I don't have a huge drive to find stuff out. I love the show, and it's cool that I am only a couple of hops from people involved with it, but really what I care about is that I love watching it. :)

As for who to hail, that's interesting, but I still must give a huge amount of cred to J.J. I mean, starting a great show rolling and then hand-picking the right people who have the vision and talent to do it justice even when you aren't around.

It's what Joss does too. I mean, Joss retains a lot of involvement, but the ability to pick the right people to work on your show is incredibly important. Getting people like Tim Minear who _get_ what you're trying to do and have the talent to write and direct/produce worthy episodes is ... huge. One man can't carry a show on his own. I'd say J.J. is the alpha visionary--how about that? :)
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Date:January 9th, 2006 09:38 pm (UTC)
I still think they should fire Jack and Jean (God their names even alliterate) as they are total assholes and make everyone's lives miserable. Fwah! Jack Bender may be my godfather, but that does not excuse him from being a total ass. Hell, that's how I know for sure that he's a total ass. =P

It continues to amaze me how many times I see his name come up in directing credits. I mean, is he really so good a director that he keeps getting work, despite how miserable he makes people? I was watching the first season Alias DVDs the other night, and apparantly he directed quite a few of those. I guess he's got history with J.J. I am still annoyed with my father for turning down the last season of Alias. Hehe.
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