Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

In the news...
"Has BYU prof found AIDS cure?" -- Wow! This is really frickin' cool and damned exciting research. I really hope it turns out to be as great as it sounds. That said, it sounds almost too good to be true; not only HIV/AIDS but also influenza and all manner of other viruses? Who knows. We can only wait and hope.
"Craigslist Sued Over 'Discriminatory' Housing Ads" -- Yet another test of the legal system. Can an online service be held accountable for content posted by users? The law says no, but will the courts pay any attention to that? Hopefully. The users posting such content ... wow... what vile, racist scum. Should Craigslist be punished? I don't think so.
"UPN, WB Network to fold; the CW emerges" -- Ok, so this is old hat at this stage, but I haven't been keeping up on posting stuff I mean to post on LJ. Bye bye UPN & WB. Hello CW. As long as they keep Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars, I'll be ok with it. I wouldn't object to their keeping Smallville and Supernatural either. Both are decent enough. Otherwise, I can't think of anything worth keeping, so, well, if they can concentrate the quality rather than concentrating the crap, more power to them.
"MPAA admits to unauthorized movie copying" -- Even older hat, but this bears spreading around as widely as possible. The MPAA are becoming as evidently hypocritical and despicable as the RIAA. They're losing what shred of respectability they might have been hanging onto. Shame on them.
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