Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Blackmail Central

I think I don't really get LiveJournal.

People spill their innermost feelings to possibly the largest repository of blackmail material on the planet, outside of the NSA / Mossad / MI-5 / ...

I wonder how many people's aspirations to political office a decade or so from now will be ruined by injudicious blog posts from their past. Of course, not all blogs are on LiveJournal, but LiveJournal really does seem to have a(n) {firm,impressive,scary} grip on the 'market'. Obviously one could say the same about injudicious Usenet posts long before "blogging" became the hot new thing, so I guess it's not a new issue, but it does appear to have become vastly more popular than previous methods of putting one's foot in one's mouth.

I understand some of the reasons why people blog, but it is still bizarre.

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