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OMG! Holy frakkin' carp! ... WOW ... !
[Did I really just say "OMG"? Urr...]

BSG frakkin' rocks! I love this show!

How cool is it that all the while that Baltar's had an imaginary Six in his head, the Six who died on Caprica when the holocaust occurred has an imaginary Baltar in her head? I love the symmetry and the gleeful wonderfulness of it all. :>

The idea of Baltar's Six and Galactica's Sharon colluding together to stop the Cylon-Human war is just ... wow, so unexpected and so fresh and new and intruguing! Tricia Helfer and Grace Park are both incredible actresses. No matter how many different Sixes or Sharons they have to play, they somehow manage to give perfectly believable and often heard-rendingly difficult performances. The whole cast of BSG, really, is just stunningly good.

This episode was so amazingly different and yet so right. I'm really excited to see what we have in store for us in the rest of the season! Bring it on, Ron!
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