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So, I'm in SF attending a course on Solaris DTrace (as mentioned in my "Workness" post on 2006.03.17). Solaris is still ew, but DTrace is kind of cool, actually. I can see it being useful at times for work, since our products are built/supported on Solaris 10 as well as a bunch of other platforms (some of which I will not mention, for fear of making people sick; others which are quite sane, such as a variety of Linuxes [ok, SuSE/Debian aren't very sane, but RHEL is sane enough, modulo stupidity about core dumps being disabled by default, but a lot of platforms seem to have that particular stupidity]) so, well, hey, I can analyse[1] stuff on any of the platforms.

I am meeting tamino for dinner (at Hawthorne Lane -- YUM!) about an hour from now. Yay! This means I need to figure out how long it'll take me to walk to HL from Kearny & Washington. I'm thinking of budgetting about 15 minutes.

I really should try to get a bit of work done, but I'm being unproductive. That said, the class is pretty fast-paced and we're getting a lot done. The instructor's Canadian, eh? Flew down from Vancouver (eh?) to teach the class. He's a pretty good instructor and a nice fellow.

P.S. Yikes. Someone's selling an Enigma machine on eBay. Wow. Geek historic tech lust! I wish I was rich so I could buy it. :) Alas, not a frakkin' chance. :)

P.P.S. I am SOOOOOO far behind on reading LJ. Eeg. Too many posts! Well, mostly too little time. Had to get up at 5:30am yesterday morning to get to the course up here in SF by 9am. This morning, I had the luxury of "sleeping in" until 7:30am, a mere 2 hours earlier than I normally get up!

[1] I've lived here (USA) long enough that reading the text I wrote, I did a slight double-take at "analyse". Sheesh!
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