Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Poll #703840 Crediting for URLs? :)

If someone tells you a URL or you see a URL somewhere, and you post it in your blog, it is ______________ to give them credit as the source.

Absolutely obligatory
Kind of obligatory
Totally unnecessary

If you wish to give further explanation, feel free to do so here! :)

I'm posting this poll because I've found to my surprise that someone seemed to be offended that I didn't credit them as the source of a URL. I find that strange, because I don't expect to be credited (or even for anybody to remember I was the one who mentioned/posted the URL in question) simply for a URL. I don't tend to view a URL as a thing with any particular tie other than to its content and the owner of the site... and, well, I often don't have time to post a URL until days/weeks later, so I often -- probably most of the time -- have no clue whatsoever who mentioned said URL(s)! I just keep a list in a file. So, uh, should I feel bad about that? Should I be spending extra time trying to keep track of who mentioned what? You can probably tell what I think from this, but I'm wondering what the rest of you think. :)

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