Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

self-referential aptitude test, etc.

Ow! ow! ow! ow! ow! -->

In response to which, a co-worker put forward this:

    -> (15:00) From damien, to water:
    - You want fun? :> "Consider a Euclidean plane. Draw points O and S. Put I
    - between them so that half the distance between O and I is the distance
    - between O and the point one-third of the way from O to S. Say that S and I
    - are one bloit apart. Now put D as far from O as S is from the point between
    - I and O, so that the ratio of the distance between D and I and the distance
    - between O and the point between D and I is twice the distance between O and
    - the point between D and O. Mark E so that the distance between O and the
    - point between E and the point between D and E is half the distance between O
    - and I, and half the distance between S and E is the distance between the
    - point between S and D and D. Now, P is placed so that the sum of the
    - distances between P and S and between P and D, one of which is two bloits,
    - is as long as E is far from the point three times as far from O as it is
    - from D so that D is between that point and E. P is closer to I than it is to
    - S, but if it weren't, H would be the point between P and D as far from where
    - P really is as I is from where P would be. R is as far from H as O is from S
    - and as far from D as D is from E. So what is the shape of the figure OSRHP,
    - and what is its area in square bloits?"

I'm not even going to think about it. I might be able to figure either one of them out, but, ur, well......... I think I'll go and write a regression test for our DHCP server instead. It sounds like a lot more fun.

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