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Saturday: Costumes and Movies and Yakitori! Oh my!

Actually, the day started with Ramen! Arglglglglglglgl *drool* Yum! Then drove to downtown Los Angeles, to go to the FIDM exhibit of costumes from Serenity! Yay! It turned out that there were maybe 12 or so other movies represented too! ... including Memoirs of a Geisha (wow), Star Wars Ep III, Batman Begins, HHGttG, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Legend of Zorro, Harry Potter, ur ... and the list goes on. Blockbuster stuff, and a bunch of costumes from each. The genuine articles. They had 9 from Serenity! All but Book from the main cast (Mal, Zoe, Wash, Inara, Kaylee, Simon, River, Jayne), plus The Operative. Pretty damned impressive. About 20 SoCalBrowncoats showed up. It was a lot of fun.

brianrubin took a bunch of photos that afternoon, both of people before/after the FIDM, and of the visit to Chinatown, which urox and I did not go along for.

Then we headed back to Gardena, and bought an extra ticket for Kinky Boots for brianrubin, checked on the location of the nearest Costco, went and replenished fast-dwindling gas supplies, and then drove to Hollywood, to the Arclight Cinemas. Wow. Impressive place. Clean, airy lobby, with high class services and nice non-traditional-cinama decor, and the screen we saw Kinky Boots on was great. Great picture. Stunning sound. Bloody wonderfully comfortable seating (the seats don't flip up ... because there's plenty of leg room / walking space!). Ahhhhh... $14 to see a movie (ouch), but I think it was worthy of $4 more than the crappy cinemas one normally goes to. No smell of feet and stale popcorn here! I can so totally understand why the Arclight is where "Hollywood" goes to see the movies.

The movie itself was really very funny, and really quite excellent. I'll have to pick it up on DVD when it comes out. Chiwetel Ejiofor is quite astonishingly good, and boy can the man sing. It really is a refereshingly good, funny British film. Go and see it if you have the chance. Really.

Afterwards, we made haste back to Gardena, to get Yakitori, this time with a friend of mine from Ireland, Donal, who attends CalTech. Remarkably, it was evidently not a very busy night for them! Not only were we seated almost instantly, but also they had not run out of urox's favourite: liver! In addition to liver (which I had 1 piece of and urox had 8!), we also tried heart (really remarkably good ... not tough like I had feared it would be; very tender, almost shiitake-mushroom-like texture, and quite tasty). They had the quaill's eggs wrapped in bacon this time. I believe we had a total of 5 sticks of that during the course of our meal, at 3 eggs per stick! We had skin again. This time, I had 2 of the 3 pieces. No tripe today, which I'm just fine with! We had a lot of our regulars, but I won't bother listing them all (many of the same things I listed yesterday), and we had chicken thigh today, which they were out of yesterday. Overall: Yum! Quite filling, but I'm not overly full, which is great.

Tomorrow: Ramen, this time with a bunch of Browncoats (number yet to be determined), then bowling/pool/etc. with same at Lucky Strike at "The Block @ Orange", Orange, CA, then Yakitori again (yes, really), then drive home to San Jose, hopefully arriving home before 2am (if we're lucky, maybe even by 1am).
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