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Rant: Kinky Boots lack of distribution

Kinky Boots is a remarkably funny British film, with a lot of heart, starring Chiwetel Ejiofor of Serenity (The Operative) fame. Damn does Chiwetel have a set of lungs, too.

urox and I were lucky enough to be able to see a sneak preview at the incredible Arclight Cinemas in Hollywood, California, however today it is in general release, so I go to check which local theatres are showing it. WTF?!? Nothing closer to San Jose than the Landmark Bridge on Geary St. in ... San Francisco! Huh?! That sucks.

On the up-side, I am sure it'll do really well in that single, solitary theatre in the entire Bay Area (given the number of Browncoats and ... ur, San Francisco residents ;) who'll go to see it, and given that it's featured on the front page of IMDb), but ... really. That is so sucky.
Tags: argh, cool, firefly, media

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