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I am drunk.

Gosh. (it toomk me three tries to type thzt)

I had a bout hyalf a boittle of madeira, plus some gewurztraminer, plus some Justin Orphan, plus some sangiovese. Gosh. The world is quite ... mobile.

Mouse and keyboard skills are ... elusive.

I'm s0over .. ug...ujm.... sober enough to notice all my spelling mistake,s but drunk enough to find them too funny (and too difficult) to correct.

I was pretty sober still by the time densaer, mitrian and kethryvis left (well, ur, compared to now), but I drank a lot of madeira since then.

Christine declared me, upon leaving, to be the happiest drunk she could remember. Woot! I'm happy! Everythingg is pretty damned hillarious. :)

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