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"Serenity" showing in SF, for charity, June 23rd! :)



You can buy them from the Bridge Theater Box Office
3010 Geary Boulevard at Blake
San Francisco, CA 94118
(415) 267-4893

Tickets cost only $10.

Parking is available on surrounding neighborhood streets, particularly on Anza.

The show details, for those who haven't seen it before:

WHO: You, your friends, your family, co-workers, potential browncoats, strangers off the street, everyone!
WHEN: June 23rd, 11:59pm (that's Friday night into Saturday morning)
WHERE: The Bridge Theater!
WHAT: SERENITY on the big screen once again!
WHY: Like you have to ask - not only do you get to see our big damn heroes projected on a big damn screen (maybe for the first time if you only recently discovered the movie), but you get to do it for charity! Equality Now is working hard to end violence against women around the world. If you would like details, please visit

Of course it wouldn't be a proper event without us descending en masse on some location serving "frosty" beverages and food - join us at the Pig and Whistle ( before the screening for extra browncoat fun.

At 10pm, head over to the theater to mill about, check out an awesome *super special limited edition* souvenir (designed by our very own Black Markets Beagles Adam, so you -know- it's gorgeous) and join in the door prize drawing with prizes from the Landmark Theaters, Black Market Beagles and Things From Another World.

BTW, this is all part of the "Can't Stop The Serenity" (aka "Serenity Now/Equality Now" effort).
June 23rd is also Joss' birthday, and "Serenity Day".
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