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Cute Work Overload

So, at work today, there was the battle of the cute YouTube URLs, between pasted by crankyfool and pasted by (non-lj-ified as far as I'm aware) mjr. It's a tough one. I remember the second of those from way back. Anyhow, I'm not sure there was a clear winner. The sponsors of each contender was convinced that their contender won, but ... really, hard to say.

Other random stuff pasted to our work chat system:

Talk about home value improvement! Hehehe!

Edit: mitrian's entry in the Battle of the Cute: ... yep, it's a pretty damned great contender. I saw it a while ago, but haven't had time to post it (it's in a big file full of URLs-to-post-some-time-because-they're-cool-or-funny-or-useful). :) Thanks for reminding me, mitrian!
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