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Movie Night, etc.

So, I went to see 2 movies, back-to-back, tonight.

The DaVinci Code - Not having read the book, I really rather enjoyed the movie! I'm sure it's historically ludicrous, mythically nutso, and totally unfaithful to the book, or whatever, but I really liked it. While many of the puzzles and twists were not too surprising or were down-right obvious, it ehlp my interest and entertained me, and that was really all I was looking for. I imagine my reaction might have been quite different had I read the book, and I'm fine with that. I will probably read the book at some point, since it's been sitting on the shelf waiting to be read for a couple of years now, and hopefully that will be entertaining too. We shall see.

Mission: Impossible III - Ignoring all the various mediocre-to-terrible reviews of M:I-III, I knew I wanted to see it because, well, what-the-frak-EVER about Tom Cruise ... J.J., man! Frickin' J.J.! How could I not see it? Well, ok, that is a little bit of a silly question since I damn near let it escape theatres before I found time to see it, but ... ur... it's the thought that counts. People dissed it as being like a 2hr episode of Alias. I say it pretty much rocked because it was like a 2hr episode of Alias! The music and the on-screen locational cues were a bit ... TV, but it was really quite entertaining, and, well, J.J.! Oh, right, Philip Seymore Hoffman was bloody good as the awfully evil guy too.

Oh, hey, BTW... topic switch... someone took some great photos (not sure how they managed that given the 'no cameras' directive, but perhaps they had some dispensation, or perhaps they were just a major chancer) at the Serenity Premiere After-Party which urox and I (and quite a few friends of ours) had the honour of attending. Yes, I know this is many months later, but "ooh! pretty pictures!".

P.S. Happy 4th of July.
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