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Wedding Fever

We attended lyssabits and careg's (quite beautiful) wedding today (ur, for Saturday values of "today"). Just got back a short time ago. It was cool to see lianthe, lyssabits, lessachu and Yar (LJ unknown if any!) and fun meeting various other cool people, including lianthe and lyssabits's father and mother (though I actually met her this past Tuesday also). We are full of Chinese food. Oh, hey, and got to try abalone, so my own wedding won't be the first time I try it. =) That seems like a good thing. It was really interesting. Much meatier than any other molusc I've tried. Not half bad. They had the coolest wedding favours -- USB thumb drives apparently (I haven't checked yet, as we just got back) containing engagement photos. So frickin' geeky. So frickin' cool! I think I have wedding-favour envy...

Oh, right. I caught the garter! ... which lianthe and lyssabits's mother then told me I should wear on my sleeve, so I did (actually, still am, since I'm still in my formalwear). It means I'll be the next to be married, as I understand it, which is ... well, nice confirmation, since we are getting married soon. :-)

lianthe caught the bouquet, so I guess she's destined to be next! Heehee!

On the topic of our own wedding, we sent out the majority of the invitations over the past couple of days. Finally got them back from the printers and did huge amounts of work getting them ready to send out, but it was worth it. That much closer! :)

When we got back from the aforementioned wedding this evening, we checked our mailbox, and we got our very first RSVP card back! Woot! A response in the affirmative. Yay! Our friends Steve and Kim. Yay!

Oh, well, sort of the second. The first was handed to me about an hour after I handed it to one of its recipients (crankyfool), but was then begged back to show the other recipient, his fiancée!.
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