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It's not quite over yet, but FanimeCon (what bits we went to -- alas, we have been rushing back and forth between it and BayCon, so we haven't got to go to everything we'd've liked to have gone to) has been fun.

Bleach is excellent, or what I've seen of it is. Saw episodes 1 to 7 (up to 2:30am) before giving up and going home. I was totally exhausted and my body was giving up on me (the chairs, while ok, didn't really help with this -- and the leaning back and forth (and moving chairs now and again when somebody moved up in front of us) in order to be able to see the sub-titles was a pain in the neck. I guess somebody thought maximising the projected size of the show was a good idea (which, well, I can't on the surface disagree with), but whoever did this didn't consider the fact that everybody not in the first row or so was going to have a really hard time seeing the sub-titles through people's heads.

Prince of Tennis ... doesn't seem like it has anything interesting about it. We only sat through one episode. It was pretty lame. I might have stuck around and subjected myself to a couple more, just in case it was just a crappy episode, but the fact that a particularly obnoxious Otaku had come in to the room and sat at the end of the row we were sitting in and angled himself so that ... while he could see the anime on the screen... he was turned more towards the rest of the audience. This fellow thought himself terribly astute and a masterful wit. He was the first syllable of "astute" alright. At varying intervals, but with increasing frequency, he would think up some gem assinine comment, and would proclaim it to his audience in a stage voice and was clearly very happy with himself and thought we were all terribly lucky to have his commentary. Rather than tell him there was a reason he was sitting alone at the end of a row and that nobody was interested in his idiotic comments, we left, since the show sucked anyway. Perhaps I need to have somebody show me what they think is a good episode so I can see if it's still totally uninteresting or if there's actually something to it.

We saw a couple (the first couple? I'm not sure) of episodes of Magical Canan. It had so much in common with Sailor Moon, it was crazy. It was really kind of a modernised version of Sailor Moon though it did draw from other old anime too. I thought it was kind of cute and kind of amusing. I wouldn't buy it, but I wouldn't object to seeing more episodes.

We just saw one episode of Paranoia Agent (the first episode). It was ... vaguely interesting, and might have had some potential (not sure about that though), but not one of those shows which grabs you and forces you to sit in your chair and watch more.

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