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US trumps UK again - Nothing to See Here — LiveJournal

Aug. 10th, 2006

05:36 pm - US trumps UK again

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I knew it couldn't last.

In light of the fact that people may be trying to blow up planes using liquid explosives too dangerous to mix beforehand (i.e. binary explosives), the TSA (the US organisation responsible for airport security) has come up with a fantastic(ally stupid) idea! Now when you go through the security checkpoint, they'll pour all liquids into a big vat right there at the checkpoint. Um, wait a sec... ur... um... did they forget about the BINARY LIQUID EXPLOSIVES?! Hello?!

In other news, apparently at least some US airports are making people check all electronics, including laptops and mobile phones, and are suspicious of electronics they don't recognise.

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Date:September 16th, 2006 06:17 pm (UTC)
(I came hear from urox's journal.)

I have a great idea : next time I fly, I'll bring a bottle of concentrated potassium permanganate, or possibly lithium aluminum hydride. They can pour it into the big vat and watch the whole thing explode! Basic O-chem here, people!
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Date:September 17th, 2006 03:55 pm (UTC)
Eek. That sounds ..... ouch ... terrible.

FWIW, the TSA beat you to it. See the post by a friend with the line urox and mavjop predicted it...
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