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No Dragon*Con for me...

I was already pretty much at the point of having decided that I really couldn't afford to spend the time or money travelling to Atlanta for Dragon*Con over Labor Day weekend. I really would love to go, but it's just not practical. :( It's a real pity because I would presumably have got to hang out with irtluhc and maeglin73, in addition to hanging out with fun Browncoats, seeing Firefly/Serenity cast members, going to the live version of The Signal podcast, going to parties, and so on. D*C was a tonne of fun last year, and I think it would be fantastic this year too.

The fact that flying is going to be such a huge pain in the posterior has made it a whole lot easier for me not to keep rethinking my decision.
Tags: firefly, friends, life, party, sci-fi

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