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The Browncoat Ball, September 22-24! - Nothing to See Here — LiveJournal

Aug. 12th, 2006

11:34 pm - The Browncoat Ball, September 22-24!

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If you call yourself a Browncoat, or if you like to dance, or if you just want to hang out with a fun group of folks, The Browncoat Ball is the place to be. Seriously. We'll be there, anyhow! It looks to be one heck of a lot of fun. Plus, well, 4pm-6pm free cocktails at the hotel. ;) It should seriously be an awesome weekend!

If you haven't already bought your ticket, what the heck's keeping you?

If you have "bought" a ticket but haven't sent in payment yet, really, please do so. Ray and Co. are working their collective posteriors off, and having to follow up with people who haven't paid for the tickets they ordered is extra work they really could do without.

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Date:August 13th, 2006 09:03 pm (UTC)
Dude, you know we're gonna be there. It is SO gonna RAWK! :)
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Date:August 14th, 2006 03:39 am (UTC)
Yessssssss. Eet ees.
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