Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Hand-crank-dynamo laptops?

On foot of the fact that Dell has apparently just issued a recall for 4.1 million (explosion-prone?) laptop batteries, we were speculating on our work chat system about TSA restrictions. Once they go back (assuming they do go back) to letting people consistently bring laptops on the plane after the current, what about potentially explosive faulty batteries (either accidental or used intentionally somehow)? Are they going to allow you to bring your laptop on the plane, but require you to check the batteries? Are we going to end up with hand-crank-dynamo-powered laptops on the market? :)

This lead me to the thought:OH $DEITY NO! EW! EW! EW!

It was suggested that, nope, no such thing would be allowed. You'd use seat outlet power or nothing. Tough luck to those in coach without such outlets available! Isn't that ripe for abuse (think sales of business/first) by the airlines? :)

Alternatively, not only "laptops must be taken out of bags", but also "batteries must be taken out of laptops and subjected to safety/recall notice check"! Nope, I can't see that much effort being feasible. More likely a ban on batteries. D'oh!
Tags: amusing, argh, consumer, geeky, silly, travel

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