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Browncoat Ball update

The Browncoat Ball is fast approaching (5 weeks from now). Time is running short to purchase tickets, and now there's 1-day tickets available for Friday and Saturday in case you don't want to attend the whole weekend. Sign up now! =)

Ladies and gents,

The time for the Browncoat Ball is drawing near. Only five more weeks
before Firefly/Serenity fans from all over the world descend upon San
Francisco for an exciting weekend of dining, dancing, sight seeing,
cosplay and socializing. As we near the time for the browncoat social
event of the season, there are a few announcements we'd like to make.

1) Due to popular demand, we are now offering single-day tickets as
well as the full weekend tickets. Saturday-only tickets (which
indlude the boat tour of the San Francisco bay and the Saturday
evening Browncoat Ball) are available for $100, and Friday-only
tickets (which include the Friday night "Evening at Fanty & Mingo's"
Ball) are available for $50. And, of course, the full weekend
tickets, which include all of this and a tour of Chinatown on Sunday,
are still available for $150. Get yours now:

2) We're happy to announce that Shawna Trpcic, the costume designer
for Firefly, and Jonathan Logan, the maker of the original browncoat,
will both be in attendance at the Saturday night ball. This is your
chance to not only meet the folks who outfitted the verse, but to show
off your shiniest costumes for someone who will truly appreciate the
inspiration and craftsmanship.

3) If you're still having trouble findind a dress to wear to the ball,
Shawna still has a few of the original Firefly costumes for sale at . And rumor has it that most of the
people who bought the rest of the original costumes and jewelry will
likely be wearing them to the ball.

4) The forums on the website are up and running. If you want to meet
some of your fellow attendees, find roommates, plan an extended stay
in San Francisco, or otherwise discuss the Browncoat Ball, step right

5) The deadline for ticket sales is only three weeks away - 8
September 2006! If you're going to get your hands on a pair of
tickets, now is the time.

Please pass the word along to as many other browncoats as you can.
The best aspect of the Browncoat Ball is meeting our fellow
browncoats, so we want to see as many of then there as possible!

See you on the dance floor,

SF Browncoats
Tags: cool, firefly, friends, sci-fi

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