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Weird/interesting new ways to spend money

So, this site,, is really pretty cool! It's an aggregator for deal-of-the-day sites like Such sites pick out one really good (at least in their opinion) deal each day. An aggregator so you can see several without trawling a number of sites is ... well, pretty nice!

Another site, (weird name!) is doing a strange deal-a-day sort of thing where a limited number's available and the longer you wait the more cash back you get ... but wait too long and you miss the deal, so it's kind of a game of chicken. Weird idea. I would've thought it would make more sense to decrease the discount over time, so people would buy ASAP, however then I realised that if they did that, people might justify not making the purchase because, "I'm not really getting such a great deal [as I would have if I'd bought earlier] so probably not worth it," so I guess maybe the psychology is sound.
Tags: consumer, useful, weird

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