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Flanvention II really cancelled this time

Booster Events, in their infinite incompetence and horrendous disrespect for all the people who paid them to put on a convention, have canceled the convention as of late this afternoon. Yes, the day before the start of the convention. The day of early registration! A day when many of the attendees have arrived and checked into the hotel. Thanks, Booster Events! Thanks for nothing! I look forward to the class action lawsuit.

On a brighter note, the weekend certainly sounds like it'll be fun, whatever it holds. 500 Browncoats in a hotel (with, of course, a bar!).

Also, Adam Baldwin frakking rocks. We knew it before, but today is further confirmation.

He's here plotting with Adam, Karla, Louise, James and Co. (a bunch of people representing California Browncoats who are working hard to try and pull together a weekend for a lot of people suddenly left without a convention). Booster Events have screwed him and the other guests too, obviously. It shows what a fantastic guy he is that he's shown up anyway, because he really cares. He is such an awesome guy (even if he is a stinky republican).
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