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Browncoats' Backup Bash Retrospective

This post is my attempt to keep a somewhat comprehensive list of links to people's photos and accounts of the Browncoats' Backup Bash, a set of private events held by and for Browncoats (along with some wonderful TV stars and other helpful people!) when Flanvention II was canceled at the last moment by Booster Entertainment LLC (aka Booster Events). Obviously it won't really be comprehensive, but I'll make my best effort! Please help by forwarding URLs to me! :-)

Browncoats' Backup Bash (B3) in the "news":Relevant/useful sites:Photographs from B3:Accounts of B3:Oddities/Fun Stuff:bdbdb's account of B3 also has a set of links to other people's photos, accounts of the event, etc., much like this entry.
Tags: convention, cool, firefly, friends, joss, life, media, party, pictures, review, sci-fi

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