Stephen Jacob (mavjop) wrote,
Stephen Jacob

Serenity screenings, take 3

As detailed at, there's a third round of Serenity screenings on June 23rd.

I tried to get San Francisco tickets. Heck, I checked back every minute or so this morning, caught when they went on sale, instantly entered info, hit the 'complete purchase' button... and it didn't work. It had sold out already (and I have my CC # and CVVN memorised, so it's not like I was slow). As a back-up plan, I tried to buy Sacramento tickets. No luck. Sold out.

Depressing. On the up-side, I'm sure somebody's noticing how popular the screenings are. If nothing else, the movie theatres may see that they should dedicate their largest screens to it when September 30th rolls around.
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