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To go or not to go ...

... that is the question.

Just heard about a 'fire ballet' performance of Romeo and Juliet at The Crucible in Oakland. Apparently it is truly an awesome spectable.

Some comments from a friend/colleague:
 -> (12:15) From damien, to ba:
 - Saw a ballet performance of Romeo and Juliet last night at a place in
 - Oakland called The Crucible.  Fire ballet, to be precise: Tangoes where the
 - women carry flaming fans and clutch burning roses in their teeth, sword
 - fights with freshly-forged swords still glowing cherry red, explosions, and
 - so forth.  Not to mention the boxer Montegues facing off against kung-fu
 - Capulets.  All in all, pretty snazzy.

 -> (16:18) From damien, to ba:
 - That review mentions what was my favorite effect: The prince first appears
 - on stage wearing a skirt with burning flames at its hem.  He spins across
 - the stage for a good couple of minutes, with the flames whirling in a
 - constant sinusoidal circle around him at hip height.  Every once in a while
 - he stops and reverses his direction of spin and the skirt briefly wraps up
 - around him before flaring out again.  As it does, the flames compress
 - together and become a single bright ring.  Really, really impressive.
Problem is, the run's almost up. Last two performances are tomorrow (sold out, would've been $50-55) and Saturday ("VIP gala performance", $120). The question is ... whether to spend $120 per ticket?

Hmm, and I wonder if one has to dress up for it.

[Edit] We're leaning towards going. Anyone want to join us?

[Edit2] We're going! Give me a call on my cell if you want to go. Seating is apparently first-come, first-served, so buying your ticket separately should not be an issue.

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