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"Amber India", Mountain View, CA

This evening, urox and I got take-out from "Amber India" in Mountain View. We'd heard it was good, and figured we'd give it a try.

We got butter chicken, basmati rice and naan. We were astounded that that came to $21.60. Seriously, wtf? Apparently they charges $16.95 for a small amount of butter chicken and, on top of that, charged $2 for the rice and $3 for two pieces of naan. That is, by my reckoning, about double the going rate for all that. Oh well, maybe it's really good?

Nope. Bland. Wasn't very buttery at all and lacked seasoning. When we got home, addition of a tablespoon of butter and some sea salt turned it into pretty decent butter chicken, but, uh... wow. The price was absurd.
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