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A potentially interesting new idea for getting the best airline ticket price (farecast).

Bastion of American family values Wal*Mart sells gay pseudo-anime porn (temporarily; apparently removed now) (warning: link terrible! idea: hilarious).

Wow, rose petal flavoured marshmallows?!?

The Museum of Television and Radio has a series called Paley Fest, which involve a showing of an episode of a show and then discussion and audience questions with the cast/creators thereof. This year includes Heroes. Ooh! Wanna go! It's in LA. On Saturday, March 10th.

If the Wal*Mart link above wasn't bad enough, one of my co-workers made my head explode earlier today by sending me this gem. WARNING: This link may make you claw your eyes out. Especially the video. Who knew a USB dongle could be that disturbing?
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