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My brother's selling a laptop

Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop 2.16GHz w/ 2Gb RAM, 100Gb HDD, and a partridge in a pear tree. It is a crazy-spec'd laptop, and has most of a 3year warranty and insurance policy thingy (I believe accidental damage and the like). If you need a high-end laptop, and you're in Ireland or the UK, well, seems like a good deal to me. :) I believe it cost something crazy like 2x the BuyItNow price (and that was with some sort of insanely good employee deal or something) just 10 months ago. The warranty and accidental damage stuff is a fairly big chunk of change, so not to be sniffed at.

Keep in mind, one cannot get laptops there anywhere near as cheaply as in the US, so if you look at this with a US slant, you may not appreciate how good the deal is. That said, when he got it I couldn't spec out a similar deal with Dell US without it being more expensive.
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