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Jan. 30th, 2007

12:07 am - Awesome line!

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"Maybe the wireless companies should take a quick break from trying to put movies on my phone and take a little while seeing to it that I can make phone calls from it."

I love it! Studio 60 is great. :)

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Date:January 30th, 2007 10:23 pm (UTC)
The bits with Danny and Jordan on the roof were the only redeeming moments of that episode. That line in particular, was awesome.

I have been sorely dissapointed with the two episodes they've had since they came back from the break.
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Date:January 31st, 2007 12:22 am (UTC)
You know ... I enjoyed the episode, but I agree. It was not up to snuff, generally. I enjoyed it because I like some of the characters (in particular Danny, Jordan, Matt and Jack [weirdly! he's grown on me]), not because it was really all that good, I guess. :/

On RPI lily, one guy wrote:
    # -> (06:25) From Mr. Itty [->Burger Night], to tv:
    # - Why Studio 60 annoyed me so much last night: There were three plotlines.
    # - One involved such an overused comedic cliche that they had to have the
    # - characters point out what a cliche it was ("Let's go to the roof to talk -
    # - oops the door locked behind us!!"). One involved another overused cliche,
    # - but it wasn't pointed out ("Through no fault of my own, I have to cancel
    # - my date with the woman I want to be with -- but I should lie to her about
    # - why! Oh goodness, she found me out!!"). The third was a rehash of a
    # - children's silly song ("She swallowed the cat to catch the bird, she
    # - swallowed the bird to catch the spider that wriggled and wriggled and
    # - tickled inside her...."). It was just incredibly predictable at every
    # - step of the way.
I found myself unable to disagree with most of that, other than the roof bit. I didn't think the roof bit was about trying to be original in the setting. I thought it was very deliberately taking a cliche and going somewhere slightly different with it. I think it was really quite well done. The interplay between the two characters is great.

In particular I HATED the lying about the date bit. ARGH. Mr. Itty's review got me to thinking how prevalent the lying (which is repugnant anyway) unnecessarily (which makes is stupid as well, thus doubly repugnant) to one's love interest has become in television and movies, and how much it annoys me. Matt's statement that, "all she'll hear is 'another woman'," aggravated me, but Matt's not to blame. Tom is. He should have had both the brains and the guts to tell her the truth. SHEESH. She could not have reasonably objected, given that his boss' boss' boss needed him to try and persuade a huge potential business partner's daughter not to go into comedy and he had to take her to the dinner instead. Even if she'd been dense and objected, she might have realised later. As it is, he acted like a scumbag, and shot himself in the foot.

Really, one can't blame the character, or any other character. I can blame the writer(s). I think it is really bad that so much fiction these days shows characters who are otherwise really nice, good people arbitrarily lying to love interests. It reinforces the stereotype of lying men, and it may give people the idea that it's acceptable. It's not, and it makes me really angry.

The snake storyline was also, I agree, really kind of childish and uninteresting.

Anyhow ... suffice to say that after thinking more about the episode, in part because of Mr. Itty's review, I liked it less.

That said, I'll definitely keep watching because (1) everybody has a bad episode now and again (think "Black Market" [BSG]), (2) I love the characters (ok, most of them) and dialogue.
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Date:January 31st, 2007 12:32 am (UTC)
Oh, just to clarify something I said in there:

Mean/bad/nasty guys lie. That's ok (in the context of a story) because, well, they're mean/bad/nasty.

When you build up a character over time as a nice guy, and then you have him lie like Tom Jeter did, and it's not part of a character change to being a mean/bad/nasty character, you support the notion that "even nice/good guys lie ... it's just guys; they lie" ... and that lying like that doesn't mean you're not a nice guy. Thus, it encourages the mentality that it's ok to lie. *sigh* Actually, sometimes the same is done for women, so replace "guys" with "people".
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Date:January 31st, 2007 01:50 am (UTC)
Jack really has grown on me also. Though, mostly I just wanted to kill him in this episode, the last four or so, he's been really entertaining. The scene with him and Wilson White in the last episode, while they're in the board room was priceless, classic Sorkin. As was Jordan and Harriet's lunch, which was utterly adorable.

Matt DID have a point that the only thing she was gonna hear was that he had to go out with another woman... that doesn't make him right. The moment Jack hatched his little plan, I knew that this was exactly what was going to happen. And it made me really sad, coz Tom is so sweet and cute, and I liked where this was heading with Lucy. Just like this men who are good guys lying when they have no reason to bothers me, is the portrayal of normally rantional women suddently turning jealous and flying off the handle for no reason. There is an episode of Sports Night where Natalie gets pissed at Jeremey for playing tennis with an actress friend from college instead of going to the movies with her. Sorkin likes to pull this crap on us with his relationships all the time. If a couple in this show ever randomly breaks up off camera, I am going to kill someone.

And yes, while I found the snake storyline to be particularly lame, I enjoyed it just because I think anything that involves more screentime for Timothy Busfield is time well spent.

Was anyone else bugged by the fact that we never got to see what was in the letter that Darius got? Does anyone else want to punch Simon Stiles in the face for the way that he's treating Darius? The both of them are being complete morons. I disliked how Simon jumped instantly to the conculsion that Darius didn't want to work on the sketch because its black, (Personally, I figured he didn't want to work on the sketch because its BAD) even though he does have a reasonable point to get on Darius' case, if that IS the reason he didn't want to work on it. But then he lost any and all credibility he had with me on the subject with the way he treated Darius after that. Darius is right -- if he has something to say to him, he should say it and not engage in all this passive agressive bullshit.

The being locked on the roof gag didn't bother me because they pointed out how cliche it was. Its a device, it serves a purpose. Its to put the characters in a situation where they have to solve a problem, which has opportunities for comedy (no cell phone coverage, threatening to jump off the roof) but really its an opportunity to solve the problem they're having with each other where they can't just hide like they've been doing. They've got nowhere else to go, they're going to have to talk to each other. Very predictable, and cliche... but that's part of why its fun.
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Date:February 1st, 2007 01:41 am (UTC)
Really? Why did you want to kill Jack in this episode?

BTW, the way he leapt in between Tom and Kim when Kim grabbed Tom by the tie and pulled him in towards her made me burst out laughing. That was hilarious. :)

I agree about the board room scene with Jack and Wilson White. That was a great scene!

Really? You think she would really have heard "another woman" and not understood? I'm surprised. I would think that the fate of a huge deal for the company and one's job being potentially on the line would make the choice entirely understandable and not a huge deal. It's not like he was asked to make out with her -- just escort her to the dinner and talk to her about comedy, etc., etc. If he DID act inappropriately, then that would be a reason to be jealous, but I think the truth about the having to escort Kim to the dinner would have been quite understandable/palatable.

"Hey, there's something I need to talk to you about. Jack asked me a huge favour, because he needs my help with getting a favour from Zhang Tao, and that relies on me persuading his daughter Kim not to go into comedy. It's confusing. Jack said he needs me to escort Kim to the dinner on Thursday night and persuade her that going into comedy is hard and a bad idea. I am really disappointed because I was so looking forward to going with you on Thursday, but I can't really tell Jack no. I'm sorry. How can I make it up to you?" ... or something. I dunno. Ought to be possible to say it without offense being taken. No?

Timothy Busfield is amusing alright. In spite of that, the snake thing was tiresome.

Yes, I was bugged about not getting to see the letter or hear anything about what might have been in it. What could have caused Darius to storm out? Was it some old fanmail or hatemail letter he wrote to Simon?

I think Simon is being an arrogant ass. I think Darius is being dense -- as a junior writer, you pay your dues, and you write what they want you to write, and when they give you a shitty premise, you make it the glowingest shitty sketch you can -- but Simon could stand to stop being quite so convinced of his own righteousness in the face of every claim to the contrary that Darius makes. I figure Darius probably doesn't want to work on the sketch because it's a stupid idea too, though perhaps there is something to him not wanting to be "typecast" as a writer too.

I totally agree with your entire final paragraph. It was indeed a deliberately obvious device used to enable some fun character interaction and give, as you say, a setting in which they can be forced not to avoid each other so they don't have to change the dynamic between them in order to have them interact for a prolonged period. It was if anything deliciously cliche. :)
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Date:February 1st, 2007 02:29 am (UTC)
I like Jack much better when he is Ranting Guy than when he is trying to be Scary Tough In Charge Guy. Jumping between them at dinner: funny. The way he was talking to Tom in his dressing room: not-funny and annoying.

Just because Lucy would understand, doesn't mean Lucy wouldn't be hurt. I'm with you that he totally just should have explained it to her rationally, and that it would have been MUCH LESS of a deal than it was. Lying to her was NOT the best option, but I'm still saying that she would have been upset. She would have understood, or at least tried to... but I imagine there would still be some irrational resentment. Its just how people are sometimes. Its hard to hear that your date is being canceled so that he can escort another woman someplace -- because despite the fact that it is FOR work, and a favor for his boss.. the reason he is specifically being asked, and not some other actor on the show, is because the girl has a big fat crush on your date. Not only that, but he's taking this other woman on the date that YOU were supposed to be going on, to the very party you were supposed to go with him to. Its sucky, and it stupid, but so are people.

Yeah, no matter how funny Timothy Busfield was, every time someone asked him what was going on, was not enough to redeem the snake bit. Though, I did like how deadpan the handler played it all.

Darius isn't the type to have sent hatemail to Simon. It was probably some generic hate mail about him being black though, I imagine. In any case, it was a stupid device that was way too vauge to be that emotionally charged. And Simon really needs to just be taken out and beaten for his smug, taunting, I-am-a-big-shot-and-oh-so-cool, childish behavior. Though, he is acting typically Hollywood, I would say. =P
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Date:February 1st, 2007 04:20 am (UTC)
You're right. You make good points as to why Lucy would be unhappy/upset. The fact that not only is he having to cancel his date with you but he's having to cancel it in order to take another woman on basically the same date does make it chafe more.

The difference is that she would hopefully be unhappy/upset with the situation and not with Tom. That's even entirely appropriate. I guess when I was arguing that she shouldn't be unhappy/upset, I failed to realise that I really only meant at him, since that's what I was focusing on.

Heh, good point about Darius, and good analysis of what it probably was and why it didn't work as a plot device. I suppose showing people acting typical Hollywood is kind of part of what the show ought to do, and ... well ... making the audience infuriated with a character is a great way to keep the audience engaged, even if they growl at you for doing it. :)
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