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Hate hate hate hate hate! (Telemarketers)

A short time ago, my cell phone rang. I picked up, and ... a recorded message from some &%@)^&@!&* MORTGAGE COMPANY! ARGH! It said press '1' to find out more, so I did, in order to talk to a human and demand their info, which I did. Here's the info:
    Rep's name: Jessica
    Company name: Home Loan Help Center
    Company phone: (800) 758-3300
    CallerID their call gave: (602) 624-4822
    Time call was received: 2007.02.01 15:27:57 Pacific
I have been unable to find any information about the company on-line. Damn them and their generic name.

Anyway, having extracted that information from them, I informed her that they had called me on my cell phone and that that is illegal. She retorted that it is no longer illegal based on "a law passed last year". I know of no such change in law, and I am highly skeptical. I don't really know how to find out, though, and I am annoyed that I'm unable to find further info on the company. I told them never to call this number again. She said she'd remove my # from their list. I want to follow up on this, because it's the first time I have received a cold call on my cell phone.

Moments later, the stupid Republican party called our land line. That's legal, but I asked them not to do so.
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