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303 - Nothing to See Here — LiveJournal

Feb. 7th, 2007

07:10 pm - 303

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A conversation with tamino earlier today reminded me of 303, aka 303 Golden Gate, a restaurant that briefly existed on Columbus Ave (next door or practically next door to The Stinking Rose) in SF. It was hip, weird, and served superb desserts, including a fantastic one called the "Maple Mounty". A GIGANTIC brandy-glass-shaped goldfish-bowl-sized glass containing 4 giant scoops of maple ice cream, a bunch of maple sugar cookies, and maple syrup! In addition to the desserts, the place had a hugely high ceiling and they used to project movies (sometimes with sound; sometimes silent movies, with acid jazz and weird stuff playing alongside) onto a white wall above the (open) kitchen. I think they fell foul of the "most restaurants fail in their first year" syndrome. Either that or maybe they were shut down because of the weird and possibly illegal aromas one could smell if one went down into the weird little downstairs speakeasy-esque room I only went and looked at once.

It seems that the only remnants of their existence seem to be a review filled with abysmal spelling and a very short blurb at the top of a page listing SF nightlife. Well, and I suppose this entry, once it gets indexed by Google.

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Current Music: Weird acid jazz-ish stuff