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I now have greencard (I-551) status! :-) Back-dated to yesterday. Temporary stamp indicating GC status valid for 1 year, but will only be necessary until I get the physical card in the mail, which should be a fraction of that time! :) Yay! This means I can now work in GC status, rather than H1-B status, and I can travel (and return) at will. Woot!

Of course, since we haven't been married 2 years yet, it will be a "conditional" 2 year card, but shortly before the 2 year mark, we'll submit an application to have the two year limitation removed. :)

I had to get up obscenely early in order to get there ahead of opening time so I could be in and out of there with the stamp in my passport with the minimum of delay, so I'm exhausted and will now proceed to sleep for a while so I can be awake enough to start my work day late.
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