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Fantastic news for Brendon, Bourdain and Bradley fans!

In a wonderful turn of events, it seems that "Kitchen Confidential" will be released on DVD! Kitchen Confidential was a very short-lived Fox comedy based on the book Kitchen Confidential by Anthony Bourdain[*] and starring Nicholas Brendon (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Bradley Cooper (Alias).

Whedon fans will love this show, if they aren't already fans. If you like intelligent, quick, witty dialogue and rather hilarious stories and characters, this is worth watching.

I'm really excited about this, because only four episodes were ever aired, so that's 9 unaired episodes on those DVDs! :) I haven't yet seen all the unaired episodes, and I'm unsure whether I will wait until the DVDs come out to watch the remaining episodes. I'm very happy that it's finally coming out. Congratulations to Nick, Bradley and everyone else involved. This show deserved to be seen, not ruthlessly cancelled. Shame on Fox.

[*] It is not an attempt to retell the stories in the book, exactly. The show is based very loosely on the book, and Anthony Bourdain was involved in its creation as a consultant. The main character (played by Bradley Cooper) is deliberately named Jack Bourdain, not Anthony Bourdain, to avoid any assumptions that it is literally Anthony Bourdain.
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