Shin-Sen-Gumi Ramen

A good food weekend!

Friday, lunch: Curry, Beef don, Yakitori (Shin-Sen-Gumi, Gardena)
Friday, dinner: Yakitori (Shin-Sen-Gumi, Gardena)
Saturday, lunch: Okonomiyaki (Gaja Moc, Lomita)
Saturday, dessert: Confections (Patisserie Chantilly, Lomita)
Saturday, dinner: Yakitori (Shin-Sen-Gumi, Gardena)
Sunday, lunch: Sukiyaki (Shin-Sen-Gumi, Gardena)
Sunday, to go: Spam Musubi (Shin-Sen-Gumi 2 GO, Gardena)
Sunday, dinner: Ramen (Shin-Sen-Gumi, Gardena)

Suited at Stanford

Cake or death?

So, we were driving up 405N the other day, in LA, and we both noticed simultaneously a sign someone had attached to a (pedestrian?) overpass. It read:
"The war is a lie."

We both immediately cracked up laughing.

If it had said "war is a lie" or "war is lie" or "the war is lies" or something, it wouldn't have been funny, but because it was precisely a line from Portal but with 'cake' replaced with 'war', it was exceedingly funny.

It made me want to put a sign on the next overpass that said, "War is cake."

I'm sure it was not intentional, and I don't mean to belittle the sentiment of their message. It just stuck a chord other than the one they intended.
California Quarter

FREE stuff!

We have a few things that we're hoping to give away to someone who might need them. Please let me know if you want any of them via e-mail or comment on the post or phone or whatever.
    1. Toaster Oven - We have a new one, and are hoping to find a home for the old one. The old one is currently in need of cleaning, but is operational (it's been in regular use to this day) and not so nasty that we haven't been continuing to use it. I am pretty sure it would clean up fairly well. We haven't had time to contemplate cleaning it (well, no more than contemplate it at least) yet, so if you're willing to take it and clean it, that's ideal.

    2. Fax Machine - It's not a laser one, but we have the machine and, I believe, some extra transfer roll thingy wotsits. It's indubitably not the fanciest/best fax machine EVAR, but it works (or did last time we used it).

    3. Humidifier - Needs cleaning/disinfecting. It has a tendency for its filter to mold really quickly, but perhaps that's our place, and perhaps with some disinfecting you could make it work for you? We have the machine and 2 totally new-in-box filters.
So, if you are interested in any of the above and are able to collect it from us in the SF Bay Area, please let me know ASAP. :) Also let me know if you have any questions / want any further details.
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Dude, where's my pixels?!

So, Moore's law doesn't always apply.

Here's a little graph I made a while back to show the number of pixels in my current laptop's display over time. Seriously, wtf? I haven't had this few pixels since last millennium!

I miss my pixels.

The fact that my current laptop only has 990 vertical pixels (the fewest I've had since I last used 1024x768 -- progress! ahem, not) actually has implications for my productivity and ability to use my computer. One rather strange implication, for example, is that when I open Google Calendar in a Firefox tab, I don't see anything past 5:30pm. That makes it easy to not notice evening plans. It's weird the impacts technology has on one's life. Who'd have thought that having fewer pixels would make me more likely to be unprepared for stuff.

Just for clarification, I had 1280x1024 back in 2000 (Dell Inspiron 3800, Dell Inspiron 4000), 1600x1200 up to 2005 (Dell Inspiron 8200), then I dropped to 1400x1050 until this year (Dell Inspiron 600m), and now I've gained a few pixels in width (1400->1440), but lost more vital height (1050->990) in moving to a Lenovo T61.
Ad Hoc Salad

"Red Lantern", Redwood City, CA

We went to "Red Lantern" the other day. Some of it was excellent. Some was "eh".

OpenTable asked me for feedback, and gave me only 750 characters, so to avoid just sending it, impermanent as a shooting star, into the aether and losing it forever, I hereby preserve my review for posterity:
    Food: Good
    Ambiance: Very Good
    Service: Good
    Overall: Good

    Noise: Quiet

    Categories: Fit for Foodies, Neighborhood Gem, Romantic
    (with some reservations)

    The foie gras (Lapis Kraton) was excellent but the price too high for such a *tiny* portion. I have never been served such a tiny portion of foie gras before other than as an amuse bouche.

    The Martabak was tasty and enjoyable, though I wasn't bowled over by the mango chutney -- it seemed less like chutney and more like mango puree.

    The jasmine rice was dry and the roti prata was uninspiring.

    The noodle dish we had (Phuket Noodle) and the seabass (rangoon clay pot) were very good. The only thing I might change about the seabass would be to consider adding some jus/sauce.

    The desserts (especially the "chocolate lover") were excellent, though I might even suggest turning up the heat (spiciness) of the "chocolate lover" just a little bit.
So, I would go back. The decor is really nicely done. Some of the food was great. Other things were a bit eh, but there were a couple of things on the menu I would have liked to have ordered which I could try another time, and we can simply not re-order the things which didn't thrill.

I left the checkbox unchecked to indicate that I was ok with them forwarding my comments to the restaurant, and gave an e-mail address in case the restaurant wants to contact me about my comments. I enjoyed the dinner enough that I'd like them to see my comments and consider them, perhaps improve some things.
Suited at Stanford

"INFECTED" book launch today!

Another of my compadres, one Scott Sigler (soon to be the next Stephen King), has just today launched his first major hardcover novel, "INFECTED". Ooh. It looks so shiny. Plus, check out this promo video! Wow!

I have never seen a video trailer for a book that rivals movie trailers. Holy carp!

Anyhow, my (first) copy is winging its way to me from Amazon. I think I shall go to a book store today to see it on the shelves. Maybe snap a shot or two. Maybe even pick up an extra copy.
Jack Wakes Up

"JACK WAKES UP" in print! Tomorrow, Palm(s) Sunday 2008.03.16!

Tomorrow's the big day when my friend Seth Harwood's outstanding crime noir novel "Jack Wakes Up" comes out in print, and tomorrow's the day he's hoping to make a crater on Amazon's charts. I will be with Seth and a bunch of others in a coffee shop in Berzerkeley tomorrow morning for brunch and book buying (via the free wireless) and watching Jack Wakes Up make some waves on Amazon.

Why should you care? Well, find out for yourself. Seth is giving his book away both in Podcast audiobook form and in PDF form!Let's see if Seth can do a repeat of Sigler's 2007.04.01 Amazon coup.